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Verb: You have left out "shown" (perfektum partisipp/past participle). Donnanz (diskusjon) 22. des. 2013 kl. 20:17 (CET)Svar[svar]

Donnanz (diskusjon) 22. des. 2013 kl. 20:49 (CET)Svar[svar]

Better now? It's more convenient to use a template. I copied it straigt from the English project. However, as you will see, it doesn't display very well. I'll try to improve on the template at some other time. Please have a go at it yourself if you are familiar with templates! --Teodor (db) 22. des. 2013 kl. 21:05 (CET)Svar[svar]
  • I spent some time trying to find the perfect solution, but failed in the end. I have altered it slightly - it does look better but it's not perfect. Even the English template had to be overridden. Another problem is that "showed" (preteritum) and "shown" do not appear in bold text. The same thing happens with "mow" - past participle "mown" or "mowed".
I guess a solution has to be found, as not all past participles are the same as the simple past, e.g. knew and known, sprang (also sprung (Am.)) and sprung, took and taken.

There are also words where the present participle, simple past and past participle are spelt differently in British and American English; e.g. to signal|signals|signalling {Br.) / signaling (Am.)|signalled (Br.) / signaled (Am.)|signalled {Br.) / signaled (Am.). Also "spelt" is peculiar (being British); either spelled / spelt both as simple past and past participle. Donnanz (diskusjon) 23. des. 2013 kl. 00:56 (CET)Svar[svar]