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As I do not speak Norwegian, my category names are no more than best guesses and I would appreciate some correction before I generate nonsensical categories.

By the way, the "sterke" verbs in Dutch fall pretty nicely in the old 7 classes, a few irregularities aside. How is that in Norwegian? Something like drikke looks very class 3 to me e.g. (as it is in Dutch).

nl:Gebruiker:Jcwf Jcwf 10. des 2009 kl. 04:15 (CET)

I can correct you where necessary. I've got some questions:
  • is there a need for a "infinitiv" parameter? In Norwegian, and lots of other languages, the infinitive mood is the same as the main entry, eg. for drikke the infinitive is exactly drikke. How is that in Dutch?
  • isn't the inflection more complex than this? Looking at the template en:Template:nl-conj, it seems so? (But, of course, it may not be necessary, I don't know.)
Mewasul 10. des 2009 kl. 11:35 (CET)